Dental Implants

Are you suffering from one or more missing teeth? Dental implants can restore your smile and give you back your confidence. Missing teeth can make chewing uncomfortable, lower your self-confidence and make speaking difficult. Missing teeth can also affect your oral health. When you live with gaps in your smile, you are risking bone loss in your jaw where the teeth are missing. In addition, your other teeth may begin to shift out of place if the gaps are not filled. Restoring your smile is not only a great confidence-booster, but can also contribute to your overall health.

The Process

Dental implants are placed over a period of several months. This may sound like a lengthy investment, but the time put into getting dental implants gives you a permanent solution to your missing teeth. The investment really pays off once you have a long-lasting restored smile! The steps of an implant include separately placing the abutment, post and dental crown. Each of these steps require some healing time before the next step can begin. The dental crown is color-matched to your surrounding teeth and custom made to fit in perfectly with your smile. A dental implant works to replace both the tooth and the root of the tooth. By replacing both, the implant can stand alone and doesn’t need outside support like a dental bridge. An implant, with proper upkeep and care, is made to last a lifetime!

If you are interested in dental implants and live in the Mansfield, TX area, call our office today to set up an implant consultation! Get all of your questions answered, discuss the best treatment options for your smile and find out if you are a good candidate for dental implants.