If you are suffering from missing teeth, you don’t have to continue dealing with the side effects of gaps in your smile. Missing teeth can make the simple things difficult such as chewing, speaking and smiling. Many people have a lowered self-esteem and don’t feel as comfortable around family and friends, or even strangers. With a restored smile, you can confidently talk to those you love as well as meet new people without being self-conscious. Dentures could make the difference and give you back your confidence and your smile.

Partial Dentures & Full Dentures

Both partial and full dentures are available as restoration options. Partial dentures are used when only a section of teeth are missing. Full dentures are used when the entire set of teeth on either the upper or lower jaw are missing. For dentures to be custom-made, impressions must be taken so that the dentures will fit in your mouth comfortably. Thanks to advancements in dental technology, dentures are now more comfortable and secure than ever before.

Take the first step towards a fully restored smile! If you are interested in dentures and live in the Mansfield, TX area, call today to schedule a consultation! Our team can examine your smile, your dentist can discuss the best treatment options, and a plan can be put together that is customized to meet your needs and dental goals. Give your smile the care that it needs, improve your dental health and feel good about your smile. Call us today! We want to work with you to help you reach each and every one of your smile goals.