Sedation Dentistry

If you suffer from dental fears or anxiety, you are not alone! Many patients struggle keeping up with their dental health because they find themselves avoiding dental visits as much as possible. Sometimes even a sensitive gag reflex, jaw pain, neck pain or other things can factor into the reasons one avoids the dentist. No matter what the reason is, we want to help you maintain a healthy smile while also feeling completely comfortable during every visit. That is why we offer sedation dentistry to our patients to help everyone in reaching their dental goals.

Our office has a Level 3 Sedation Certification! Three types of sedation are available to our patients – oral sedation, nitrous sedation and IV sedation. Depending on your upcoming visits, your dentist can help you determine the best choice for your dental care. In addition, we offer a free sedation consultation to allow you to discuss your sedation options with your dentist without spending any money. Let sedation dentistry work for you so that you can work toward your dental goals!

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is given in pill form before your treatment begins. Once taken, you will soon feel the sedation begin to work. You will feel completely comfortable and be able to relax throughout your entire visit. With oral sedation, you are able to be conscious without being bothered by your surroundings.

Nitrous Sedation

With nitrous sedation, a facial mask is worn that puts out a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen. Within minutes of wearing the facial mask, you will begin to feel the sedation take effect. Your dentist can communicate with you if needed, but you will not be anxious or uptight. When you remove your mask, the sedation begins to wear away immediately. Nitrous sedation allows you to comfortably visit your dentist for treatment without it interrupting the rest of your day.

IV Sedation

Our trained doctors are able to offer IV sedation. This type of sedation is typically recommended for longer appointments and extensive dental treatment, allowing your dentist to get a lot of work done while you are completely relaxed. IV sedation is also convenient during lengthy visits as the level of sedation can be adjusted as needed throughout your appointment. IV sedation does take time to fade away, so a driver would be needed to bring you home following your visit.

Sedation dentistry can help you feel at ease during a short visit or throughout lengthy treatment. Sedation dentistry has successfully helped other patients in overcoming dental fears and it could really make a difference in the way you view your dental care. Save time and feel at ease in the dental chair with sedation dentistry! If you are interested in sedation dentistry and live in the Mansfield, TX area, call our office today to find out more!